Name Benefit Summary
10-10-10 Rule Better decisions Frame of the outcome of a decision across three timeframes.
5 Whys Understand core reason Asking why multiple times helps us understand the core reason
Acceptance Decrease negative emotions - Stop judging Accepting as it is decreases all the negative emotions such anger, anxiety, shame, fear.
Asymmetry Better decisions Some actions have disproportional returns. Helps us identify actions with huge upside and limited downside.
Bottleneck Coming soon Coming soon
Artificial Deadlines Better Decisions Put an artificial deadline to make decisions
Desire Source Better decisions Understanding where your desire comes will allow control over the decision
Devils Advocate Thinking from the opposing side Coming Soon
Entropy Understand systems Everything requires energy to keep it at its non-default state.
Gratitude Increases positive thoughts Being grateful helps us look from the positive angle.
High Agency Removes limiting beliefs High agency people look for ways to overcome a problem rather than accepting it as their limit.
Honesty Coming soon Coming soon
Intuitive Thinking Better decisions Our subconcious has more data & computing power than our concious. Can give better results than the thinking mind.
Inversion Avoid stupidity Breaking crippling habits is easier than seeking brilliant solutions
Luck Surface Area Increase luck Keeping our accomplishments to ourselves limits us from gaining its full potential.
Mental Momentum Coming soon Coming soon
Stop Judging Stop Judging Coming Soon
One Thing Identify high return actions 20% of the input gives 80% of the output
Oppourtunity Magnet Coming soon Coming soon
Prerequisites Understanding whats required The reason something not happening is because it hasn't met its prerequisites
Process Decreases burnout, increases consistency Having a process & aim instead of goals make it more likely achieving it.
Quest Assignment Creating own path As quests get externally assigned we can not cultivate internal quest assignment skill
Saying No Decreases being exploited Saying yes to requests because you don't want to upset people can cause problems.
Simplicity Makes easier Reducing complexity will increase understandability, success rate, growth and many other things.
Simulation Increases chance of accomplishment Running a mind simulation makes it easier for one to accomplish their goal
Stop Over Planning Being more present We occasionally get stuck in a loop where we non-stop simulate an interaction. Planning something once is okay but non-stop is unhealthy.
Thanking Increase good things happening Sharing our thankfulness increases the likelyhood of the same action happening
Top 5 Increases health Once a person resolves these 5, they will be 90% to a happy healthy life.
Uncertainty Increase elasticity of mind Not having concrete beliefs, helps us leave our current path/decision/actions for better ones.
What I want Clarify goal Aski 'What do I want?' daily.
Working People Coming soon Coming soon