Benefit: Avoid stupidity


Thinking how we can achieve our goal is forward thinking. Thinking ways we can’t achieve our goal is backward thinking. Inversion is backward thinking. By inverting our thoughts we can break free from things that prevent us from achieving our goals.


  1. Define something you want.
  2. Define the opposite of the thing you want.
  3. Ask the question of the thing you don’t want.
  4. Answer the question by listing all the possible actions that come to your mind
  5. Get help from friends/family if it is something they can contribute to


  1. I want to have lots of time to work.
  2. I don’t have lots of time to work.
  3. How can I not find time to work?
    • If I hangout till late hour
    • If I keep my phone wifi open while doing a specific thing
    • If I hangout too much with someone
    • If I get my computer stolen
    • If I say yes to all incoming requests


  1. Start feeling better (non-depressed) again
  2. Feel depressed
  3. How can I continue feeling depressed
    • If I jerk off all day
    • If I play games all day
    • If I scroll mindlessly
    • If I be physically lazy & not do any type of workout
    • If I dwell on the thoughts of my ex
    • If I don’t do anything that’ll make me feel accomplised (cleaning house, reading a book, shopping ..)


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