Benefit: Better decisions
Prerequisites: Statistics


Asymmetrical Risks: Upside is very small and down side is huge Assymetrical Values: Down side is very small but the upside is huge

Being aware if an action is asymmetric helps us avoid crippling actions while makes it easier to seek oppourtunistic actions.

Ex: Texting while driving, Benefit: is a funny cat picture Risk:is cripple for life.

Ex: Unprotected sex: Benefit: is fun for an hour Risk: HIV for the rest of your life

Ex: DM’ing people Benefit: you meet a life long lasting friend Risk: 1minute of your life lost


Method1: Think of an action you will do today, what is the positive & the negative asymmetric value?

Method2: Think of a concept, what actions would provide with positive asymmetric value and what actions would provide negative.


I will go to Ubud from Canggu. What are some actions that would provide me with asymmetry?


I am working on (my game). What are some actions that might provide me with asymmetry?


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