Imagine your mind as an operating system. Ever since you've come to this world you've been programmed by your parents, friends, society.. You are currently being programmed by me. With such extensive inputs your codes develop many bugs thus you should be doing bug fixing. Another thing you can do is install stronger apps. These apps are called Mental-Models and this list is to show you how to learn(install) each mental model. If you run into any trouble you can find me on all social networks as @demiculus or reach out from my website


Each mental model is built on top of other Mental-Models. A good example for this is in order to learn Basic Arithmethics you first need to learn Numbers. Learn more about prerequisites.


Check out Practice to learn how you should practice.

Keep In Touch

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Feel free to add your own mental models here. Let [me know](mailto: demirbyilmaz@gmail.com) if you don't know how to use github.

Having a Hard Time

If you're having a hard time with a specific mental model you probably are missing a prerequisite. Either try to identify what it is, practice with a friend or work on another mental model.

To Request Personal Training

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